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Super Michaela: Faceoff

Price:  $ 6.45
Added:  2014-04-21
Preview:  Click HERE

In Super Michaela: Faceoff, our power-draining villianess tries to tap the powers of the evil Michaela clone in a faceoff that literally rocks the entire city's foundation!Meanwhile, Super Michaela is pegged as "Enemy #1" and left to deal with a mercenary military force complete with tanks, fighters, and attack helicopters ordered to take out the Girl of Steel at all costs!  Plus a PR nightmare erupts for Super Michaela as news of her evil twin's destruction of the city spreads throughout the media and suspicion of our hero rises. (7:01 min; 222 MB; posted 4/21/14)

Super Emma #6: Identity Thrice Pt 1

Price:  $ 4.95
Added:  2014-03-17
Preview:  Click HERE

Super Emma returns this month in a fantastic new comic from Daubster.  A new villainess is in town and her her sights -- her kryptonite laser-guided sights -- on Super Emma!  It's super science and hi-tech gadgets versus the superpowers in this aerial slugfest of good versus evil!  Will good or evil come out victorious?  Or will both?  Check it out the first part of Identity Thrice and find out!  Part I of this  photocomic features 24 pages along with 12 original photos of the comic panels  (posted 3/18/2014;  36.5 MB)

Hybernation II - Part 2: Power Switch

Price:  $ 7.95
Added:  2013-12-31
Preview:  Click HERE

The exciting conclusion of Hybernation 2: Power Switch continues as we follow the ongoing adventures of Anna Reno and Supergirl.   Our villians have discovered the source of Super Shelly's powers and use that knowledge for their own designs in creating a superfemale themselves.  But can Anna and Super Shelly overcome the power of this new villainess and help restore the balance of power in the Daubster-verse?  (18:45 mins;  557 MB; posted 12/31/13) 

Hybernation II - Part 1: Power Switch

Price:  $ 7.95
Added:  2013-11-08
Preview:  Click HERE

Daubster is back behind the video camera and back with his beautiful models Shelly and Mary in their followup sequel, titled Hybernation 2: Power Switch.   This sequel is broken up into two parts due to its length and tells the ongoing story of Anna Reno after she acquired her powers in the first Hybernation video.  Super Shelly tries to help Anna adjust and understand her powers, but there is another sinister person watching over Anna and wanting what he now has!   (18:45 mins;  432 MB; posted 11/8/13) 

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