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Super Emma #8: Identity Thrice Pt 3

Price:  $ 4.95
Added:  2014-11-07
Preview:  Click HERE

Daubster's Identity Thrice storyline featuring Super Emma concludes!  Super Emma finally confronts her evil doppleganger in a battle over the skies of Metropolis.  It's a back and forth super slugfest between the two superpowered women until the appearance of another superhuman quickly turns the tide!  This photocomic features 24 pages along with 30 extra photos of various comic panels and raw pinups. (posted 11/7/2014;  45.2 MB)> 

Super Mary #2: Android Attack Pt 2

Price:  $ 5.95
Added:  2014-08-26
Preview:  Click HERE

Extra Long Photo Comic!  Super Mary #2 by Daubster and DF_Fan continues (and concludes) the inaugural Android Attack storyline featuring Super Mary!  It's a confident Girl of Steel versus Dr. Barton's Android of Steel in a battle to the death!  But Super Mary quickly realizes that her incredible strength might not be enough against Dr. Barton's sexy creation!   Part II of this  photocomic features THIRTY FIVE (35) pages, with an extra 21 pictures of the behind-the-scenes filming and production.   (posted 8/26/2014;  45.6 MB)

Ultima - Power of Evil

Price:  $ 6.45
Added:  2014-08-10
Preview:  Click HERE

New Chapter!  New Model!  New Character!  In this latest video release, we welcome cosplayer extraordinaire, AZ PowerGirl, to PSW as she plays Dr. Cara Nicholson, a criminal mastermind who has been hired to duplicate PowerWoman's powers for the local crime lord.  But the good doctor is smart enough to realize her usefulness will expire once the task is complete -- unless she can somehow turn the tables on her employer!  (7:23 min; 255 MB; posted 8/10/14)

Super Emma #7: Identity Thrice Pt 2

Price:  $ 4.95
Added:  2014-06-19
Preview:  Click HERE

The continuation of the Identity Thrice storyline featuring Super Emma!  With the rocket-propelled villainess continuing her assault on the city, a new Dark Super Emma confronts her and shows that she is far more dangerous!  Meanwhile, Wonder Woman enters the picture and tries to restore order and reason with the new Emma -- which  proves to be a challenge even with her Amazonian powers.  This photocomic features 24 pages along with 21 original photos of the comic panels  (posted 6/19/2014;  47.1 MB)

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