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Super Emma #12: Bugz

Price:  $ 4.95
Added:  2018-01-10
Preview:  Click HERE

Emma's important business presentation is interrupted by bugz crash landing on earth! Bugz, other wolrdly superpower draining radiation, and mutant humans combine to challenge Super Emma in ways she's never experienced before. Daubster, Emma and DFfan bring us a fantastic new comic that as always features an action packed fun story with an unmatched superheroine at the center of it all.

Super Michaela: Power Reversal

Price:  $ 6.45
Added:  2017-11-29
Preview:  Click HERE

She's BAAAACK! After a long hiatus, Super Michaela is back in her famous red & blues! When we last left our heroine, she was severely drained and weakened from her battles with her clone as well as the mysterious witch. In this episode, Michaela struggle to learn of her weakness as well as try to regain the full strength of her superpowers. This video includes 1:35min of outtakes with our cast in addition to its base runtime. (5:30 min; 263 MB; posted 11/29/17)

Bat Vs Super Emma Part 1

Price:  $ 5.45
Added:  2016-12-11
Preview:  Click HERE

Daubster brings us another fantastic 31 page photo comic featuring Mary and Emma. While Super Emma is saving the streets from well armed burglers during the daylight hours Mary is working to take on her vigilante persona in the shadows. In addition to 31 action packed graphic novel style panels Dabuster gives us 22 behind the scenes photos of which several are high resolution photo manipulations or great wallpaper material.

Super/Wonder Allie Photoshoot

Price:  $ 3.95
Added:  2016-02-04
Preview:  Click HERE

Newcomer, Allie, arrives on the scene in this latest photoset by Daubster.  Allie dons a pair of colorful costumes in this "super" and "wonderful" set, in a variety of poses and action shots.  This photoset features 80 photos of the lovely Allie in costume, with an extra 10 fabulous photo manipulations by Daubster himself!   (posted 2/4/2016;  50 MB)

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